Handpicked CSS Gradients: CoolHue

CSS Gradients: CoolHue

What are CSS Gradients?

CSS Gradients let you create a smooth transition between at least two or more colours. Previous to CSS3, you had create and image to emulate the effect. This meant longer page loading times (yawn) and higher bandwidth usage. Using CSS3 to create these gradients, this is no longer an issue – furthermore, because the gradient is generated by a browser, you won’t get pixelation when zooming in on them either.

What is CoolHue?

CoolHue is a fantastic new collection of gradients modelled in CSS, with a click of the mouse your selected gradient CSS code is copied to your clipboard ready to be pasted into your CSS file. An added bonus with CoolHue is that with these really cool handpicked linear gradients, it doesn’t stop at CSS, they also provide palettes for use Photoshop and Sketch!

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